General Information was founded to make scheduling across organizations painless. We believe easier communication leads to more sales, business development opportunties, and more. Not only do we ease the burden of scheduling meetings, we also increase their success by providing the background information needed to know who's at the meeting and why.

With your next meeting will be scheduled without email tag.

Key Differentiators

  • Define event types to match your workday - from a 30 minute sales call to a full day consulting opportunity - each has a distinct URL and their own rules to define availability.
  • Instantly sync your Office 365, Google Apps, or Corporate Exchange calendar so you're never double booked.
  • With People View, appointment invitations are pre-populated with details, like names, companies, titles, and pictures, for all meeting attendees.
  • All meeting attendees, not just the host, now have access to an appointment details link where they can quickly cancel the meeting or review who's accepted/declined the invite.
  • Self-schedule on a customer's calendar using an intuitive interface without signing up for an account.
  • Web-based service that requires no change to your calendaring software nor special apps or plugins to work.