Feature Release: Multiple Calendar Support

As of today Appointment.one now supports multiple calendars within each account.  Now your free/busy details incorporate data from each calendar.  Easily choose what calendars contribute free/busy information and what calendar new appointments are saved to.

Our goal with Appointment.one has always been to remove all friction from actually scheduling a meeting.  That started with getting rid of the phone tag.  Today we take that a step further by eliminating your last reason for the phone call – when your single work calendar doesn’t tell the whole story.

When One Calendar Was Good Enough

Balancing your own multiple schedules (e.g. work and home) was never a prominent issue when you were knee-deep in managing all the logistics for a new meeting.  When you outsourced this step to Appointment.one that changed.

The connections once made in your head now need to be explicit.  If not, then the availability you share just can’t be accurate.

Now that you can incorporate all those schedules within Appointment.one your personal link and its free / busy picture will once again be accurate and will reflect the reality of when you can actually take a meeting.

Using Multiple Calendars

Colleagues and customers who use your personal link will see your new multi-calendar enabled booking screen, an example of which is shown below:

Looks the same, doesn’t it?  That’s the idea!  Booking appointments with you will never change, regardless of what powerful tools we builds for you to use.

Linking Additional Calendars

Quickly add additional calendars to your account.  Any number of calendars are available and they can be any combination of Google, Office 365, and Exchange.

Login to your account, then navigate to Settings and the Calendar menu.  From there click to add an additional calendar:

Multiple Calendars in Your Events

Multiple calendars may be incorporated into both new events and into existing events.  There are two places to consider using your multiple calendars:

  • Free / busy, allows you to specify one or more calendars that should be used to build when you’re actually available.  You will show as available only when every calendar shows as available during any given time period.
  • Booking calendar, is the single calendar where new appointments will be added.

Both of these are found under the advanced section when creating a new event or modifying an existing event:

Resources for More Information

Multiple calendars are already enabled within your account so you can test today.  Some customers clone an existing event and add the additional calendar to test, but that is not required.

See our support section for more information:

See a quick demo video of multiple calendar functionality here: