Feature Release: Exchange Calendars are now Supported

As of today Appointment.one now supports all major calendar systems. We’ve added support for Exchange to our existing line-up for Google Apps and Office 365!

All of our features are fully supported on Microsoft Exchange mail systems. With this integration we’ve finally unlocked customers whose IT hosts mail servers. Now you have access to the same tools other organizations have already been using.


  • Supports rich calendar invites (HTML) which means you get People View and the ability to format your invitations for maximum impact.
  • Custom meeting reminders – you’re no longer locked into the default 15 minute reminder.
  • Know who accepted the meeting, when they accepted it, and who it was forwarded to with our real-time appointment view.

Configuration is easier than ever with our built-in auto-discovery toolset. Most configurations are completed with a simple email address and login.