Jamie’s last back-to-back meeting

“Your calendar showed you as available after 3.” That was Doug’s third time this month. He kept booking meetings back to back. Last time was a near disaster, didn’t that even register?”

“When I’m in the field, appointments rarely end on time. Even worse, most of the time it takes at least 15 minutes to get to my car before I can hop on the phone to work with Doug’s customers. Last time this happened I just managed to get to the car, but that left zero time to prep and get ready. What a disaster.” said Jamie when we finally caught up with him.

Soon enough, he gave us the low down. “It’s tough balancing in-person meetings across town. Don’t even get me started on the phone calls that just appear on my calendar.”

That was all before Jamie started using Appointment.one to get more control over his calendar. “Things are really starting to calm down now” says Jamie. Doug is referencing his calendar to prevent back-to-back meetings and some of his customers are reaching out directly rather than lobbing off uncoordinated emails to find a time to meet. Jamie’s biggest win is with event buffers.

Getting Breathing Room with Event Buffers

Appointment.one gives customers and colleagues visibility into your calendar’s free/busy and allows them to self-schedule meetings. We do more than just share availability. Jamie uses the intelligent event buffers to automatically add time before and after meetings to prevent those killer back-to-back appointments.

Using the Appointment.one calendar AI engine, customers like Jamie automatically add just the right amount of time between appointments. The two most common rule types differentiate between meetings via phone and those in-person. While back-to-back phone calls are typically ok, when you hop in the car or are meeting someone in the office that buffer time before and after your appointment is critical. When your calendar is visible on Appointment.one this extra time is automatically blocked off.

See Event Buffers in Action

We automatically differentiate between in-person meetings and anything over the phone.

Set rules that apply both prior to and following your appointments.

Without any changes to your calendar, we add the appropriate buffer to your free/busy preventing anyone from booking an appointment.

actual calendar at left, with applied policies shows as the free/busy on the right.