Feature Release: Event buffers, Unlisted Events, and Embedded event pages now available

Three nice enhancements available today to all Appointment.one customers – Event buffers, improved control over event visibility, and embedding the scheduling page.

Event Buffers

Control your event availability by setting a time buffer before and after different types of existing appointments on your calendar. You can prevent back-to-back meetings of all kinds or perhaps only those meetings that require an in-person visit.

More details available in our adding a time buffer between appointments support section.

Control Event Visibility

By default all events are listed on your personal events page. Disable this to create an unlisted event. Unlisted events can only be accessed if you give out their direct web address.

Learn more about controlling event visibility in our support section.

Embedding Event in a Web Page Iframe

Event pages can now be embedded directly on your existing web site. Added options include skinning the page to blend in seamlessly with your site’s existing look and feel and controling the size of the embedded Iframe to change the overall layout of the event.

More details available in our embedding events in an Iframe support section.

Shown below is a live demo of an embedded calendar, first shown to fit a mobile screen or any web page with reduced real estate:

And here we embed the same calendar with a multi-day view:

Other updates with this release

  • Improved mobile navigation support
  • Updated FAQs across all supported calendaring systems