Feature Release: Google Apps Calendars are now Supported

Appointment.one leaves Beta after adding Google Apps calendar support.

All Google accounts – personal accounts and all editions of Google Apps – are now fully supported.

During integration we were especially interested in the feature differences between our first supported calendar, Office 365, and Google Apps. While we fully support all Google Apps calendar capabilities we did discover some notable differences between the two.

  • While Office 365 cannot support non-default reminder times we were able to implement this with Google Apps.  Everyone rejoice – no more of that awful 15 minute default reminder!
  • Google Apps does not support richly formatted (HTML) calendar invites. Unfortunately this means People View will not be available within these invites. Thankfully we will continue to include links to the real-time appointment view directly on Appointment.one which does include enriched details for all attendees such as names, titles, LinkedIn profiles, and photos.
  • Google Apps does not report on response (Accept/Decline/Tentative) for any forwarded invitations. This means our live appointment view will not show the expanded information Office 365 makes available.Overall we’re happy with the speed that we were able to add Google Apps support. New customers with Google calendars – welcome aboard!