The 3 Ultimate Rules for Scheduling Meetings

Without meetings we get no new business.  We miss sales opportunities.  Projects are delayed.  The client doesn’t get the results they expected.  The new job candidate is scooped up by someone else.

Why does your scheduling process matter?  Efficiency in scheduling means you can devote more time to your most important work.  And critically, the work you end up doing will actually be even more relevant after finally connecting with the right colleague through that meeting! … more “The 3 Ultimate Rules for Scheduling Meetings”

Team Scheduling Now Available

You asked for it, and we’ve delivered by adding a team scheduling tool to the platform.

Get access to the whole team’s availability in a single calendar view, where our free/busy filter permits booking only when the entire team is available. Your customers can instantly schedule team appointments with our unified overlay calendar that shows when everyone in your team is available. … more “Team Scheduling Now Available”